Protein! Building Blocks of Muscle

eatprotein200x200_0Protein has long been a buzzword and focus for fitness enthusiasts, trainers and researchers. I really like how Runners World presents this topic in this article…the info can be relevant to all endurance athletes and this excerpt below especially jumped out at me.

“Protein may not be a magic bullet–increased supplementation has not been found to automatically improve performance–but if your intake is low, you may start to feel fatigued, lose muscle mass, become rundown, and increase your risk of injury.”


Amgen Tour of CA 2013 Mechanics

Amgen Tour of CA 2013 Mechanics

Behind every great athlete on two wheels is an even greater mechanic. Behold our team keeping the Carmichael Training Systems athletes upright and blazing fast at this year’s bucket list event, the Tour of CA Race Experience.