10 Foods That Sound Healthy (But Aren’t)

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 8.20.53 AM Cooking Light posted this article and I’m stoked they did. So many fallacies out there and buzzwords to mislead the nutritionally unsure…

Check it out and feel free to share comments below if you have something to add!

Links to websites I like to consult for a variety of suggestions, opinions and healthful recipes (NOTE: If you dig eating flesh, go ahead and add ONE SERVING to your portion of a veg-only recipe.)

Mayo Clinic – Nutrition and Healthy Eating

Vegetarian Times

Livestrong – Diet and Nutrition

Runner’s World (even if running’s not your thing, their dietician is awesome and the recipes are delish!)



I love the theme of the holidays: “Eat, Drink, Be Merry!” Please, do all three, IN MODERATION! Enjoy some delicious foods, make better choices when presented with a buffet spread, and eat more of the healthier choices. Bring a delicious, nutritious appetizer and main dish that you know is a great option for you and other guests at parties. If you choose to drink alcohol, make sure to drink a glass of water before and after any moderate pour of that adult bevy. And if you stray from your normal workout schedule, make a promise to yourself to get in a nice brisk walk, if nothing else, with a few of the relatives each day. Be safe, laugh often, and spread the goodwill today and always 🙂